Baddazz Soul Project

BSP (Baddazz Soul Project) introduces a unique twist to the Bluz (Blues) Bros.

Jake & Elwood find out to their amazement that they have a younger sister (Viki Mae Bluz) that was adopted at the catholic orphanage at the age of 3. The couple that adopted her did not want to take the boys because they were literally "hell on wheels." Viki Mae is as mischievous as her older brothers and takes no "guff" from anyone! This attitude of course lands her an overnight stay in the town jail where she runs into Jake.

He tells her that he and Elwood are raising money for their catholic orphanage that is being threatened by foreclosure (sounds familiar). Jake gives Viki Mae the keys to the handcuffs that Elwood is wearing to protect the briefcase of money they collect at all their "gigs". Since she is getting out of jail before him, Jake tells Viki Mae where the next gig is!

They finally re-unite in song & dance of the times that will knock your socks off! Enjoy our presentation, a musical revue of soul music with:

The Blues Bros., Sister Viki Mae & BSP