Chorrizo López aka Robert Chávez

Chorrizo López may just be the fastest rising star on the open comedy scene. His professionalism and reputation for being both a club and crowd favorite has already landed him guest spots in Texas, Vegas, California and on Military bases around the world!

Chorrizo López has recorded a children’s International award winning CD, “Comedy for kids” (2010) for the “International Latino Book & Family Festival” chaired by Edward James Olmos!

Chorrizo López teaches Comedy workshops for children, teens, and adults in Public Libraries,Private, Public, and Alternative Schools as well as promoting anti-bulling, say “No” to alcohol, drugs and gangs and stay in school philosophies to children.

Chorrizo López has an almost confessional style of comedy that appeals to both men and women of all ethnicities and ages leaving his audience screaming for “no more.” His personable approach is always a guaranteed hit whether at a Comedy festival, Club, a Corporate stage or at a private party!

There are big things in store for this very funny old comedian (bankruptcy, arthritis and social security)! Chorrizo López has also finished his first movie and by the time you finish reading this he will be on Netflix renting the next one! Chorrizo López is definitely one of those Comedians that you will be saying “What the…!”

See him soon before the Law does!!