The Show

The Show

Swingin' South with The Rat Pack & Friends!

The show & orchestra's whole persona is that of a big band in a Vegas showroom swinging out during the 40's & 50's & mixing it with Hot Spicy Latin rhythms that were heard at the New York Palladium. Swingin' South features The Rat Pack, Jerry Lewis (MC of the show) & the beautiful sex symbol of the time, Marilyn Monroe.

The show opens with Jerry Lewis doing a “shtick” from the movie “The Errand Boy” then introducing Dean, Sammy, Frank and Marilyn all singing standard Rat Pack & Big Band literature. Swingin’ South then takes a temporary twist to the Caribbean, Brazil, Puerto Rico & all points south. The show finally heads back to Vegas for an exciting grand finale with all the cast members!

Have all five artists performing at your special occasion, filling the nite with comedy, music, laughter, audience participation & crazy antics that only the Rat Pack can create!

Also offered, in the case of smaller venues (space and/or budget limitations) are custom “Rat Packages” with the big band or a smaller ensemble, and any combination of the cast. For instance; A Night with Sinatra- A Night with Sammy- A Night with Martin and Lewis- A Night with Sammy and Marilyn- A Night with Frank & Dean.

Have any combination of the cast or all five artists for your special occasion.