Comedy For Kids Workshops with Chorrizo López

These Comedy workshops will help Young Adults/Teens/Kids put together a 1-min.routine, either as a solo or as a tag-team of two stand-up comedians. If they think funny things but are too afraid to express them - these workshops will give them a safe place to learn to play in front of friends. If they always wanted to try stand-up comedy but didn't know how to start these workshops will take them on that adventure. In short, these workshops are for those on the outside looking in.

“Anyone can tell a joke - but making great comedy is not so easy. These workshops will show how to convert jokes, riddles, knock-knock jokes any style of jokes into a stand-up format. Have you ever thought about doing stand up? Would you like to be funny or funnier? Would you like to feel more confident on stage, when speaking in public or in front of your class? If so, this is the workshop for you. In this workshop you will learn a brief overview of the ins and outs of stand up comedy from a real stand up comedian. You'll learn how to write your own jokes, develop funny characters, learn how to introduce (the host) comedians onto stage and perform on stage. Some of the biggest names in stand-up including George Lopez, Dave Chapel and Jim Carey started when they were kids, why not give it a shot? What do you have to loose! Why not try it and laugh while you learn to make people laugh? What sets the comedic genius apart from the jokester? Technique, compelling content, strong point of view, comic timing/delivery, and the ability to harness creativity. I can teach those techniques to young adults, and kids as young as 6yrs. old or 70 yrs. Old!”

These workshops are designed to develop self-esteem thru comedy material, and skillfully deliver with confidence as a solo stand-up or as a duo.

I use no profanity in my routine, all my subject material is universal so just about anyone can relate & laugh.

I have toured the United States after learning stand-up at the University of Texas Austin and I have performed Overseas!

My training & coaching can help anyone be funny or funnier.
If you have any questions please call (323) 774-922 or email me at